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"A Life Transforming"  
Yoga and Meditation Program with Swami Ji

"A Life Transforming" one-day program of yoga and guided meditation with Swami Ji.  The program is a modern antidote for stress.  When practiced regularly, the tools learned have the potential to create a foundation of total well being.  These tools allow one to tap into the wealth of vibrant life within.

Register - limited space PH: 415-752-0919


Email: swamisatyam@gmail.com 

The Program:

 *   Exploring the nature of the mind and practical tools to rejuvenate and achieve good health, joy, peace and success.

 *   Modern Stress Management Techniques and practices.

The Benefits:

*   Good health, Joy, Peace and Success.

*   Develop and integrate Modern Stress Management Techniques and practices for everyday life.

*   Deepening of the personal relationship at home, work and in the community.

*   Relief from Chronic pain, Hypertension, anxiety, depression and much more.

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