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"A Life Transforming" 
Yoga and Meditation Program with Swami Ji



"A Life Transforming" one-day program of yoga and guided meditation with Swami Ji.  The program is a modern antidote for stress.  When practiced regularly, the tools learned have the potential to create a foundation of total well being.  These tools allow one to tap into the wealth of vibrant life within.


The Program:

 *   Exploring the nature of the mind and practical tools to rejuvenate and achieve good health, joy, peace and success.

 *   Modern Stress Management Techniques and practices.

The Benefits:

*   Good health, Joy, Peace and Success.

*   Develop and integrate Modern Stress Management Techniques and practices for everyday life.

*   Deepening of the personal relationship at home, work and in the community.

*   Relief from Chronic pain, Hypertension, anxiety, depression and much more.


Hawan - Fire Ceremony

A Hawan is a religious ceremony performed in temples and in homes that involves worship through the use of a sacred fire. The use of fire as a means of worship is the most ancient of all rites, going back to the earliest Vedic times. Join Swami Ji for a special event filled with chanting, meditation and music.

Feel free to bring your family and friends

    Please join us.


    Universal Yoga Center 446 32nd Ave San Francisco ,CA 94121.

    Between Geary Street and Celement Street.

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