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Dig Darsan Secondary

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Dig Darsan Secondary School

"Educating mind and heart to change the world" 

DigDarshan Secondary School Students DigDarshan Secondary School Students

Dig Darsan Secondary School Mission Statement

Keeping in view the importance of Education in mind I established an educational institute English medium secondary school in Patna (Bihar state) with 500 students to promote students achievements and preparation for the global competitiveness by fostering educational excellence and ensuring equal access and to cater the new technical and business demands for the 21st Century. Also to provide an opportunity to use God given potential. So that the child can achieve and fulfill their dreams, hopes and aspirations to live decent lives with self respect, dignity and decency.

Our aim is to make the school more inclusive in approach. We make our school barrier-free for children and provide resources that support the children to enable inclusive learning in the classroom. Our approach is child centered and hence, aim to provide a learning environment that enables education for all students.

We place greater emphasis on honing the entrepreneurial and life skills of students no any basis; be it social, cultural or religious. The significant principals of equity, equality and inclusiveness. These include rural-urban-tribal locations, cast, class, gender sensitivities as well as respect for diversity and plurality in relation to rural-urban societies.

Up grade the schoolâ??s infrastructure, under which additional rooms will be constructed and safety provisions will be installed. Further more, the project will address the issue of demolishing hazardous construction sites, improving drinking water and toilet facilities. We will also add wider doors, refurbish the electrical system, provide green boards in well-ventilated classrooms, and ensure safe & spacious playgrounds and classrooms.

The student to teacher ratio is 47 to 1, in Bihar State. There were 26 primary schools teachers for every 1000 pupils. There is an increasing need for qualified and educated teacher in our schools today. We are looking forward to starting a teachers training college. Teacher occupy an extremely important position in our society, they educate our nationâ??s youth. The children are the future if the country.

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If you are interested in more information the Dig Darsan School or in making a donation, please contact us at the email or phone number below.

Email:swamisatyam@gmail.com  or 415-652-4526

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